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You’ve come to the right place. CiteGoods is the one-stop China sourcing and shipping solution for next-level business growth.

Our Mission

Sourcing from China could be a great way to get quality products at low prices, but there is full of scams. The most common trick is that 90% of trading companies would pretend to be a manufacturer. Not to mention many scammers would disappear after receiving payment or delivering lousy quality products. So we create a one-stop solution for people who want to source from China. We would take care of everything from finding the right supplier to shipping the products to your door. And we would only work with suppliers we could trust, so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting ripped off. Since launching CiteGoods, we’ve helped thousands of people source and ship products from China. We are proud there is more and more smile on our clients’ faces again!

Early Trial

After a glimpse of the demand, we understand that the supplier is key to successful China sourcing. Quality, Price, and On-time delivery are all created by honest and professional manufacturers. But it’s tough for foreign buyers to know the actual situation of their suppliers. A trading company can show all the necessary evidence to prove they are a manufacturer, such as building, certificate, and production workshop. Even they have a verified badge on the B2B platform, such as Alibaba and Global sources. Everything looks perfect. Any Chinese know it can be fake without a second, but the buyers never find out. So we try to help our clients avoid middlemen and scammers and connect them with genuine source manufacturers. But it didn’t always work well.

To Infinity And Beyond

Price is the second most confusing part of Made-in-China, as buyers can always get a lower one. Once you buy from a supplier you don’t really know; the only thing that makes you happy is the price. You will hate Made-in-China when you receive and find out the product doesn’t work. So we made a difficult but necessary decision to stop searching for the lowest price and focus on the best source suppliers. They should be professional and normative, sincere and cooperative, conscientious and responsible, dedicated and punctual. Finally, negotiate the best price based on the quality and lead time, and give the buyers more transparency. In this way, we believe we can create the maximum value for the buyers. And we only serve buyers who care about the quality and believe “you get what you pay for.”

Here at CiteGoods, we believe there’s a better way to be — not just as salesperson or purchasers, but as humans. We’re here to create a space where everyone’s welcome, whether they’re buying from China for the first time or creating world-class product. Our core values shape the community we want to live in. We want a community where every voice has a chance to be heard and every person is valued, respected, and offered a safe place to thrive. These values are what guide us every day as we work to make our world a better place for everyone.


The Core Values Of CiteGoods

As a trusted sourcing and shipping company in the export industry, we believe we must use our actions to speak out against scams and dishonesty in our niche and the world. We are in the business for positive change, to unmask fair trade, to call it out loudly and at great length, and to stand by our clients in any way possible.

Great suppliers save your time and money.

We built a powerful supplier database based on 12+ years of experience dealing with factories, wholesalers, and trading companies. All of them are reliable and professional source suppliers. We can give you the contact for free if you need it. If you want us to help you fulfill the orders, we will help you place the orders, follow up on the production, and arrange the delivery until the cargo arrives at your door.

You can outsource everything in China now.

With our China warehouse, you can outsource everything in China at a lower cost, including consolidating orders, quality control, putting labels, preparing cargo against orders, repacking, and even fulfilling dropshipping. We would ensure everything goes smoothly as your requirement efficiently. And we offer 30 days of free storage for you to see how it helps you empower your supply chain.

Turn-key solutions from start to finish.

With one-stop solutions, you can get everything you need about sourcing and shipping. We will help you reach more categories, connect the best source suppliers, talk with the business owner, negotiate the best price, and choose the best shipping methods for your order worry-free. And it is the turn-key solution to turn your orders into profit. With our experienced team, you can focus on your growth.

How CiteGoods Helps You Get Better Deal And More Profit

Most so-called “import experts” say: “To succeed with import, all you need to do is buy from China.”

If only it were that easy…

We learned the hard way that there’s much more to reach the right suppliers than “buying from China.”

And that’s where CiteGoods comes in.

We will show you the tips, strategies, and knowledge you need to get a better deal. And if you need some help with China sourcing and shipping, we will offer you the solutions.

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